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The TreePop database stores, besides information concerning intensive studied populations, passport data, genotypic data and phenotypic data for individuals. The samples have been collected in EVOLTREE Intensive Study Sites, and previous ISP collections.

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Quick search

The Quick search menu allows to query the database using the type of material :

  • Collection of genotypes (collection of genotypes could be Association Population, or genotypes sampled in ISS or ISP) Search

  • Phenotypic traits (phenotypic traits and data for genotypes available in TreePop) Search

  • Contacts and laboratories (owners of material and their laboratory) Search

Submit data

This section allows you to submit new collections:

  • Natural and breeding populations
  • Intensive Study Plot (ISP)
  • Instensive Study Sites (ISS)

and data for a collection:

  • Genotypic data
  • Phenotypic data

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Database content

This section provides information about the content of the TreePop database:

  • Intensive studied populations (Populations summary and list of populations per family) Display

  • Class of traits and traits of interest (List of traits per class of traits) Display

  • Class of traits and populations (Number of phenotypic data per class of trait and population) Display

  • Markers and genotypic data (Genotypic data per genus and type of marker in populations) Display